For Hadass Kaufmann:

As an Israeli living in Israel most of my life, I believe NIF is vital for the state of Israel—for its future. It supports the most important issues that perpetuate a united society.
A few years ago I decided it was time to write my will. I am not married and have no children. I wanted to focus on human rights and civil liberties here in Israel, which I felt strongly were not understood, addressed or attended to sufficiently by the population or by the legal system in Israel, and need to be more advanced.
I went to a lawyer to write the will and he suggested I create an endowment fund at the New Israel Fund, which would support the things I care about. I thought it was a wonderful way of doing it, and ever since then they have embraced me and I embraced them, and we are good friends.
No matter what size, your gift will be used to build a better, more tolerant and more inclusive Israeli society. It will transform lives by advancing equality for all.

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