For NIF President, David N. Myers and Nomi Stolzenberg:

NIF is more than an organization for us. It is an idea. It is the idea of exalted ancient principles, of “justice, justice, thou shall pursue,” of tending to the stranger among us because we were once strangers ourselves. It is the idea of “liberty, justice, and peace” enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. It is the idea of true and equal partnership—between Arabs and Jews, secular and religious, Israelis and Diaspora. It is the idea of every human being as equal to every other.
But even more than being an idea, NIF is a community. It is made up of the people we love—the people who share the same ideals, experiences, tastes, and even jokes. The NIF community is, at once, intimate, bound together by love and respect. And it is global, extending from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles, from Melbourne to London, from Basel to Toronto.
This is why we love NIF. It is both a virtuous ideal and a living community. We know the struggle for justice will continue for a long time. And that is why we have made a commitment to the NIF Legacy Campaign. So that our children and grandchildren may live to see the fulfilment of that vision of justice.

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