Adoption Victory for Gay Fathers


For the first time, Israel’s High Court has issued an order instructing the Ministry of the Interior to issue a birth certificate to a child bearing the names of both his or her fathers.

After the adoption of a child by heterosexual parents, a birth certificate is issued bearing the names of both adoptive parents, but in the case of same-sex male couples until now, only one parent was listed on the birth certificate. The second parent was excluded, violating the parent’s rights. The petitioners argued that the refusal to issue a normal birth certificate harmed the child, revealed that s/he is adopted, and makes it difficult for him or her to perform simple procedures that require a birth certificate.

This new legal precedent was made following a campaign by the Aguda – Israel’s LGBT Task Force Association, in a petition filed with a pair of adoptive fathers who sought to both be recognised as the parents of the child in every respect.

This historic decision, which binds all state authorities and courts, makes a clear statement: Discrimination against same-sex couples is unacceptable.

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January 2019