Arab Victim of Police Beating Visited by Tag Meir

An Arab man from East Jerusalem injured in an attack by an Israeli policeman received visitors to his hospital room from NIF grantee Tag Meir. The activists offered him support and encouragement.

In a video that was broadcast throughout Israel, a member of the elite police force, Moshe Cohen, beat Palestinian Mazen Sweiki for allegedly damaging his vehicle in an apparent accident days earlier. The video has more than 15,000 views.

Cohen is clearly seen repeatedly hitting and cursing Sweiki, as well as striking at those who came to stop the blows.

Gadi Gvaryahu from Tag Meir visited Sweiki at Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital as an act of solidarity. This is part of the organization’s commitment to visit all victims of racist crimes within 48 hours after their occurrence. Sweiki is preparing for his daughter’s wedding and hopes to recover by then, Tag Meir said on its Facebook page.

“We wished him health, congratulations, and promised to accompany him and his family in the near future,” Tag Meir said in a statement.

After the attack, Israeli police dismissed Cohen from the force and he has been indicted for assault, according to the Times of Israel. Another police officer who did not come to Sweiki’s aid has also been charged.

Tag Meir was founded to counter Tag Mechir (Price Tag) attacks by nationalist extremist Israelis against Arabs. Another NIF grantee, Yesh Din, helps the victims of such attacks by Israeli security forces in East Jerusalem to file criminal complaints, opening 20 such cases in 2016.

Photo Credit: Tag Meir

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