Freedom Project: Israeli Artists Portray Freedom for Passover

The NIF-Israel staff launched the “Freedom Project” on its Hebrew Facebook page at the beginning of Passover. Each day a renowned Israeli artist is presenting his or her interpretation of freedom. For example, Zeev Engelmeier presented what he described as a “collage showing the parting of the Red Sea and an Israeli couple charmed by the fight for freedom.  The drawing is inspired by a shirt printed with the words “We have no choice but to believe in Freedom.”

Avraham Kornfeld presented a diagram of a heart, and the words “Inside we are all the same.”

Altogether 10 renowned Israel artists from all sectors of Israeli society including Jews, Arabs, and immigrants are participating in this special NIF-led Passover project. The project stresses to the Israeli public the value of freedom associated with Passover and that NIF works throughout the year to promote freedom for all Israelis in all areas of life.

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April 2015