High Court accepts Yesh Din’s petition against Amona relocation plan


The High Court of Justice ruled February 1st on the petition submitted by NIF grantee Yesh Din on behalf of the Palestinian landowners and the Head of Silwad Council against the plan to relocate the Amona residents to nearby private Palestinian land. The Court accepted the petition, cancelling the plan.

The petition challenged takeover of private Palestinian land considered abandoned property in plots 28-30 and use of forced re-parceling. Use of private property considered abandoned for the benefit of residents of Amona is illegal under the pretense of urgent public need. Yesterday, the Court heard the petition and criticized the State’s position that such use would be temporary and does not violate international humanitarian law.

Amona is a West Bank settlement outpost constructed in violation of Israeli law on the private property of Palestinians. An existing High Court ruling required the Israeli government to uphold those private property rights by removing the outpost. The evacuation of the residents began on 1st February and was met with violent protest. The Israeli government had previously embraced a plan to relocate the outpost as a means of complying with the decision.


Photo by Activestills

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February 2017