Inside “Israel Tomorrow,” an Interactive Dialogue

Last month, NIF conducted a special interactive project with the Haaretz newspaper called “Israel Tomorrow.” During the month, seven dialogue sessions were held throughout the country on different topics related to Israel’s future.

Noa Landau chaired a discussion called “Democracy in Retreat,” in which NIF’s Director in Israel Mickey Gitzin discussed how populist leaders around the world are trying to dismantle democratic institutions.

A session called “Through the Feet” discussed how sports can act as a vehicle for combating racism, building Jewish-Arab shared society, and promoting gender equality. The conversation featured Israeli soccer players such as former Bnei Sakhnin team captain Abbas Suan, a key activist in NIF’s Kick It Out campaign against racism in soccer, and former Israeli women’s soccer star Sylvie Jian.

Other discussions included “the new Haredi,” covering the emergence of more open and feminist Orthodox groups in Israel; “What happens between left and center” about the need for Jewish-Arab political partnerships; “Forward march” about LGBTQ parenting rights; “Class and identity” about the relationship between class and ethnic, gender and sexual identities; And “Say are you for real,” which tackled the threat of fake news to democracy.

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September 2019