NIF Launches Israel Artist Grants

As a result of the nation-wide shutdown surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, artists and culture-makers in Israel have been among the sectors hardest hit economically.

After launching a new call for artists two weeks ago, NIF Israel has been overwhelmed by the response, receiving over 700 applications from artists around the country across disciplines, languages, identities, genders, careers and geographies. In the coming weeks, the first set of candidates to be awarded a grant will be announced.

NIF sees the arts as essential work – for society, for change and for our souls. Artists perform a vital function in an open society and their individual expressions and creativity are a fundamental part of democratic life.

Through the generous support of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, NIF is delighted to award scholarships to artists to support their vital work, especially during this a time when lockdowns and social distancing measures make artistic work all the more difficult to access.

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November 2020