NIF Supporters From Across the Globe Spoke Out and Took a Stand for Democracy

In the lead up to the Haaretz Democracy Conference in Israel, several right-wing politicians caused a stir by backing out of the high-profile event ostensibly due to NIF’s role as a co-sponsor.  While disappointing, the candidates’ refusal to take part was also not entirely unsurprising: They were catering to a constituency that wants to see an Israel with fewer civil liberties, with fewer rights for non-Jewish Israelis, and with no checks and balances on the government.

In response, NIF invited proponents of democracy to sign a statement to demonstrate the depth of support – in Israel, and around the world – for an Israel that lives up to values of progressive democracy.

Within minutes, the signatures started pouring in.

Supporters spanning the globe – from the US, Israel, Canada, Australia, across Europe, South Africa, Argentina, and Brazil – signed on to the statement, including nearly 50 rabbis.

We ran the statement in Haaretz as a full page ad the day of the conference. You can see the full ad here:

*To view the full PDF add, please click here »

In the end, the conference was a huge success. Sold out crowds watched Israel’s top politicos debate the most contentious and pressing issues facing democracy in Israel. Read more about the conference here.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all our supporters, who prove time and again to be passionately invested in ensuring an Israel that lives up to the values of a liberal democracy.

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March 2015