Public Pressure Stops Promotion for Police Officer Convicted of Sexual Harassment

Following pressure from NIF partner Zazim, a senior police officer who sexually harassed two subordinates will not be promoted to be the Israel Police Force’s representative in the US. Ilan Mor, a commander of the police’s traffic division, was appointed to the position in May. Zazim mobilized hundreds of Israelis to sign a petition against the promotion.

Mor had reached a plea bargain with a police disciplinary board in 2013, after he had been convicted on two counts of harassment, including one of attempting to kiss a junior officer against her will. He was fined NIS 4,000 ($1,040) and given a warning.

Part of the petition read: “The police is the body which is supposed to deal with cases of sexual harassment or abuse. But what are we supposed to think when the Inspector General chooses to promote a commander who was convicted of harassing two of his subordinates?”

In recent years, a significant portion of the Israel Police’s major generals (the highest rank below that of police commissioner) have been accused of sexual harassment. Many of them have stepped down.

Launched by NIF in early 2016, Zazim is an authentic, indigenous Israeli version of Zazim provides a “people power” platform and tools for real-time strategic, ongoing and collective action. It is a partner in NIF’s New Initiatives for Democracy (NIF-D) programme, and plays an important role in empowering and mobilising Israel’s activists for social change.

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July 2016