The Israeli Elections: What’s at Stake

By Naomi Paiss

The upcoming elections in Israel will have a major impact on the New Israel Fund’s issues – and our issues will play a major role in the outcome of the election.  Every party and candidate will have positions on civil rights, racism and incitement, Jewish-Arab relations, religious freedom, the growing economic gaps, the occupation and settlements, and more.

NIF is not a partisan organisation and we don’t support candidates or parties. But we do care about the elections and we want to share some of the best issue and political analysis with you.  Below are some articles recommended by NIF staff that add light, not just heat, to the debate.

Needless to say, we don’t endorse the opinions and positions of any of the articles below, but we do think it’s worth your while to read them!

If Herzog Wants to Lead, He’ll Need to Bring the Arabs With Him
+972 Magazine  |  6 Jan 2015  |  Recommended by Libby Lenkinski, US Director of Strategic Initiatives

Ninety Percent of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Campaign Money Comes From the United States
Slate  |  6 Jan 2015  |  Recommended by Stephanie Ives, New York/Tri-State Regional Director

Poll: Two-thirds of Israelis Back New Social Protests
Haaretz  |  5 Jan 2015  |  Recommended by Rabbi David Rosenn, Executive Vice President

Experimenting with our lives: The perils of electoral engineering
Haaretz  |  31 Dec 2014

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January 2015