We will not be cowered or silenced – our fight for Israel’s soul

Dear Friend,

Our year began with being “blacklisted” by Avi Maoz, together with the highly-regarded Yad Hanadiv (founded by the Rothschild family), the Mandel Foundation, and the Shalom Hartman Institute.

We will not be cowered or silenced. Indeed, unlike Noam’s homophobic Avi Maoz and the current Israeli government, we are the ones fighting for an Israeli future envisioned by its Declaration of Independence. In my op-ed this week, I urge our community to take a stand and fight for Israel’s soul.

Joining NIF in defending democracy and protecting minorities are tens of thousands of Israelis protesting, and leaders from all across Israel who are resisting the extremism of this government. These include municipal educators and Mayors refusing to participate in Avi Maoz’s “education”; parents coming together to ensure racism, sexism and homophobia are kept out of classrooms; and all Israel’s former attorney generals and hundreds of lawyers opposing attacks on the independence of Israel’s Supreme Court and Judiciary.

In recent weeks NIF Israel have provided over $100,000 in emergency grants  – including for much of the work mentioned above – and we will be increasing the overall funding available for these rapid responses and allowing for grants of up to $50,000 per project (up from the previous maximum of $20,000).

You can contribute to the fight for Israel’s future here.

We are determined to also continue our longer-term work defending democracy, protecting minorities and advancing Arab-Jewish partnership.

One of our flagship grantees, Omdim Beyachad – Naqef Ma’an (Standing Together), are leading the recent protests with their slogan reiterating that “this is everyone’s home”.

A different Israel is possible and, with your support, we continue to be at the forefront of defending democracy and striving for a just, safe, and equal Israel for all its citizens and residents.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Warm wishes,

David Davidi-Brown
Chief Executive, The New Israel Fund UK



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So, what do we do now?

The work is urgent and the battle will be long, but we can face it together.

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