Thank You!

The New Israel Fund would like to thank North West Surrey Synagogue for their support and generosity during such a challenging period.

Who are the New Israel Fund

We partner with and fund Israeli organisations that defend democracy and deliver a fairer society for all. Since our inception, we have provided more than £225 million (including £30 million from the UK) to more than 900 Israeli organisations.

More than a funderBut we are more than a funder. NIF has created, developed and nurtured hundreds of impactful organisations in Israel. NIF has created, developed and nurtured hundreds of impactful organisations in Israel.

Through Shatil, a branch of NIF on the ground in Israel, we provide tailor-made consultancy for the civil society organisations that we fund. Shatil helps these organisations to identify their weaknesses, build on their strengths and work together. Shatil provides 22,500 hours of training and advice per year to 300 organisations across Israel. This training covers everything from leadership to strategy, policy promotion, marketing and communications. Shatil also forges connections between organisations with similar goals or in the same geographical area, training them to amplify their influence by working together.

Through our work, we:

  • Empower minorities and marginalised people
  • Defend democracy and human rights for Israelis and Palestinians
  • Advance partnership between Arab and Jewish leaders and communities

Some key accomplishments in 2023

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Looking AheadOur work has never been more important than it is right now. Even in this time of crisis, our partners in Israel with your support are working to build a different future, to train leaders who will bring about solutions for a shared future and a different political paradigm.

How to get involved

  • Sign up: we send a monthly e-newsletter which will keep you up to date about the impact of your gift.
  • Join us: we hold a range of speaker and social events, as well as conducting regular education and youth outreach work. These events highlight work that our grantees are doing in Israel, as well as offering a much-needed space for open discussion about how to support democracy, equality and justice in Israel.
  • Celebrate with us: we would be honoured if you would consider sharing your celebration and asking family and family to donate to NIF and create real change on your special occasion.
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