Support NIF’s Crisis Appeal

The New Israel Fund’s response to the October 7th attacks was immediate and supported all Israelis affected by the Hamas attacks.

We initially prioritised 3 areas:1. Essential humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable people affected by the attacks2. Preventing violence in mixed cities and promoting community cohesion3. Mental health support and trauma counsellingTo date, we have distributed over 60 emergency grants totalling more than £2,000,000. We are now looking ahead at how to build a different future, training leaders who will bring about solutions for a shared future and a different political paradigm.You can learn more about the 30,000 evacuees we have supported, the methods used to protect the fragile relations between Israel’s Jewish and Palestinian citizens and our ‘day after’ plan that will lead us to a different, more equal Israel in the future and security and freedom for Israelis and Palestinians here.All donations are truly appreciated, please give what you can via the form below.


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