Pesach affirms our deep connection to Israel – it binds us to our history and inspires us to work for freedom and human dignity.

For those of us who care passionately about Israel, the unfolding situation is alarming. Extremist politicians are trying to fundamentally change the democratic nature of the country, attempting to undermine the judiciary, limit religious freedom, sideline women and diminish the rights of Palestinian citizens. We cannot stay silent.

A better Israel is possible. The time for action is now.

NIF’s emergency response combines both immediate and long-term work. Your support will:

  1. Dramatically increase our Emergency Grants
  2. Create a “Hub” that will support and defend frontline activists and organisations
  3. Strengthen the infrastructure necessary to defend democracy and advance equality and justice in Israel

This Pesach, we urgently need to increase our funds to support the organisations and leaders in Israel working for equality and justice for all.

We need your help. You can take action today.


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Our aim is to build a powerful shield to defend and empower Israeli democracy and civil society—ensuring that both can survive and flourish in the future.

Israelis are defending democracy and continuing to build a better future based on equality and justice for all. Those fighting for the Jewish homeland need more of our support than at any other time in the country’s history.

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1) Prioritising and growing our emergency grants 

Emergency grants are flexible, experimental and quick; they can help organisations and activists respond to critical developments in as little as 24 hours. Since the new government came to power, we have distributed over £450,000 to 25 organisations. 

This included a grant to Omdim Beyachad and other civil society groups to fund the first of what have now become weekly mass protests in Israel, with hundreds of thousands of Israelis coming together in support of Israeli democracy. 

Funding to ensure that racism and segregation have no place in Israeli state education, through the establishment of a ‘State Education Guard’ by the Berl Katznelson Center, supporting hundreds of parents and educators. 

And providing the legal support needed stand up against incidents of settler violence and other tools used to intimidate the Palestinian community. 

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2) Establishing an SOS (Shielding Organisations and Civil Society) Hub

Under this current government, there are growing attempts to attack and threaten the ability of civil society organisations to operate. This includes legislation that is aimed at crippling organisations finances, personal threats and digital abuse campaigns as well as the use of SLAPP suits designed to create a ‘chilling’ effect, silencing individuals and organisations from speaking out. 

The Hub is designed to provide comprehensive support to organisations and activists threatened by the government’s efforts to delegitimise their activities including legal representation, increasing organisational safety measures both physically and digitally as well as building institutional resilience.  The aim is to create the support network needed to ensure that civil society is able to focus on its mission defending democracy for a just, safe and equal Israel. 



3) Saving democracy now – strengthening for the future 

Alongside our urgent efforts to protect civil society and strengthen Israeli democracy, we are continuing our ongoing work to develop the leaders, policy and movements necessary to build long-term change. 

Our grantees are among the leaders of the push-back against the government’s extremist agenda. Meanwhile, our operational arm Shatil is playing a vital role by helping organisations map threats and navigate the rapidly changing landscape. 

Protecting and defending liberal democracy in Israel requires long-term investment in civil-society infrastructure. 

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Israel is at a critical juncture. It faces the real danger of becoming a so-called illiberal democracy – one whose values go against everything its founders stood for. 

Our plan is to dramatically strengthen our capacity to make rapid-response grants, to organise and fund ‘The Hub’ to safeguard freedom of expression and protect activists and organisations on the frontline, and to reinforce long-term efforts to elevate a positive, progressive vision for Israel’s future. 

This will take significant new resources. 

We hope you will join our urgent fight to defend democracy
for a just, safe and equal Israel.  


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