Update on changes at NIF

Dear NIF supporters,

The last few years have seen substantial growth for the New Israel Fund in the UK (NIF UK). With your support and generosity we are raising more money than ever for our grantees in Israel, and we are engaging with increasingly large numbers of people on the issues of justice and equality for all those living in Israel. I believe that this success reflects our growing relevance within the British Jewish community and beyond. NIF is extremely proud of the work that our partners in Israel do and the role that we play in Israel’s civil society. I believe that this work in Israel could not be more important.

Much of the credit for the recent success of NIF in the UK is down to the tremendous work and effort of our Chief Executive, Adam Ognall. Adam has been our Chief Executive for 10 years, and has recently announced that he is moving abroad with his family in the summer. Adam’s departure is a bittersweet moment for the NIF Board. We are excited for Adam and his family as they embark on their adventure, but at the same time we are losing a highly valued senior member of the NIF team who has shown superb leadership and commitment over the past 10 years. The NIF Board has commenced the process of looking for Adam’s successor and we will be working with specialist recruiters Kyte Lester in our search.

There are also a number of changes within the organisation which I would like to announce. My term as Chair ends this year and I shall be stepping down after five wonderful years of working with our excellent Board, inspired every day by the work that our grantees do on the ground in Israel. We are in the final stages of the Chair recruitment process, and hope to be in a position to announce my successor in the near future. We have also just recruited two new Trustees (Dana Segal and Hannah Brady), who I am sure will contribute greatly to the governance of the organisation.  

I have no doubt that the new Chair, and Chief Executive, of NIF will continue to grow the organisation, and will work with you to support our grantees in Israel, ensuring that the values enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence continue to be realised.

With best wishes,

Clive Sheldon QC, 

Chair, New Israel Fund UK

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