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From Mickey Gitzin, NIF Executive Director Israel Feb 2020

In 2020, we need to continue to build on the momentum we’ve gained this year as Israel faces a historic third election.


From Sophie Ablett NIF Fellow 2019

The NIF study tour was such a valuable trip. Between meeting so many NIF grantees and NIF staff members, I feel like I’ve come away with a comprehensive insight into how NIF impacts civil society in Israel. For me personally, it was hugely invigorating to meet so many inspiring women; their attitudes, positivity and energy are values I hope to emulate through the fellowship and beyond.’


Your regular gift

This month become a regular donor to the New Israel Fund and your first gift will be TRIPLED.


NIF’s grantees in the spotlight

This month are we delighted to present the work of Sikkuy - our 2018 Human Rights Award Winner. Click here to read more about their huge impact in advancing equality and partnership between Arabs and Jewish civilians this last year.


Trump’s plan

“This plan threatens to make the occupation permanent”. Read NIF’s assessment of the Trump plan and how our partners on the ground are responding.
We will be updating this page with new resources and perspectives over the coming days so please re-visit.


Office Administrator

Join our successful, dynamic and fast-paced charity working for justice, equality and democracy in Israel.
The Office Administrator will provide administrative support for the New Israel Fund’s fundraising and educational activities helping us reach our ambitious goals. Click here for more details.


The Advocate at the Israeli Film Festival ‘Seret’

We are pleased to be sponsoring The Advocate at the Israeli Film Festival 'Seret' in May.
Having represented Palestinians in Israeli courts for the past five decades, human-rights lawyer Leah Tsemel is a symbol of the ongoing fight in Israel/Palestine against the occupation.Seen by many fellow Israelis as the enemy within, and destined to lose many of her battles, intrepid Tsemel refuses to give up and continues to believe wholeheartedly that a better future for both nations is within their grasp.