Defending Democracy And Human Rights


In a year marked by increasing settler violence, NIF and our grantees stood together to change a broken system, end the occupation, and to say no to violence and racism.




A campaign led by NIF grantees Yesh Din, Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI), and Breaking the Silence, led to the Israeli Army ending night-time invasions into Palestinian homes in the West Bank for intelligence-gathering purposes, a practice that inflicted psychological damage and long-term trauma on families for over 50 years.


“Like many things around the Occupation, home invasion isn’t just the most extreme human rights abuses that matter. For this to be recognised on an international level gives me hope that we can make significant improvements in the quality of life of those under Occupation.”

Atira Winchester, New Israel Fund UK Director of Programming & Content




Experts at Fake Reporter, our grantee who lead efforts to stop the spread of disinformation and hate speech online, worked round the clock with police in May to uncover 20 social media groups planning violent attacks and reported another 100 groups inciting violence throughout the rest of the year.



At the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Occupied Territories spent 1/10th the amount that Israel did on healthcare per person.  Thanks to your support, NIF’s grantees were able to provide urgent medical relief to Gaza and the West Bank through Physicians for Human Rights‘ mobile clinics, campaign for access to emergency services in East Jerusalem, and secure 120,000 vaccines for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.




New reforms brought in thanks to NIF grantees Tebeka – Advocacy for Equality & Justice for Ethiopian IsraelisAssociation for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), and the Association of Ethiopian Jew will positively impact Israel’s Ethiopian Communities, who have repeatedly been victims of racist police policy.

Find out more about this victory here.



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