Our Work in 2021 – An Interactive Guide


The New Israel Fund UK is a community for a just, equal, and secure Israel. Together we fund, develop, and connect organisations and leaders who defend democracy and deliver a fairer society for marginalised communities and all living in Israel.



We work towards full equality for all living in Israel, as envisioned by the Declaration of Independence. We embody Arab-Jewish partnership and enable those advocating and advancing a genuinely shared society


We work to realise Israel’s founding vision of “liberty, justice, and peace taught by the Hebrew Prophets”. Our partners and grantees address the challenges which threaten democracy and human rights.


We connect people with shared values and passions, in the UK, around the world, and through our work in Israel. We are inspired by Jewish history and heritage to fight for the rights of all people in Israel. We welcome everyone to join our community.


Click here for a downloadable version of our Annual Review.


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