Standing Together In Conversation

Wednesday 13 December, 7:30pm, New North London Synagogue

NIF and Yachad are delighted to be hosting leaders of Standing Together for a special conversation.

Standing Together is a progressive grassroots movement mobilising Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel against the Occupation and for peace, equality, and social justice.

Since Hamas’ attack on 7 October, they have used their network of thousands of activists to lead solidarity and de-escalation projects in Israel mixed cities.

Hear from National co-Director Rula Daood and National Field Organiser Uri Weltmann, a Palestinian citizen and a Jewish Israeli, who have been leading this movement.

Rula Daood updating The New Israel Fund UK on Standing Together’s work since 7 October.

Rula Daood is the National co-Director of Standing Together and speech pathologist by profession. She is a Palestinian citizen of Israel, born and raised in the Galilee village of Kafr Yasif. Rula began her activism in her home city and later became involved in promoting Jewish-Arab partnership in mixed (Jewish-Arab) cities. Before joining Standing Together, she worked as a community organiser, running events and protests that drew hundreds of activists.


Uri Weltmann is National Field Organiser for Standing Together, and a founding member of the movement in 2015. A long-time peace and anti-occupation activist, he also has a background in neighbourhood community organising and LGBT political organising. Born 1984, he lives in Tel-Aviv with his partner and their two daughters. He is a teacher by profession.


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