Clore Community Centre Donation Form

The Jewish-Arab Community Centre in Akko was built in the 1990’s with core funding from the Clore Israel Foundation.

Today it is funded almost entirely by voluntary donations from people from the UK and US who believe in the importance of our work in creating a better future in the region. We provide high quality, low-cost activities for Akko’s residents regardless of their ethnicity, religion or ability to pay. We are a neutral meeting-point in a polarised society.

Projects include: an affordable daycare to support working mothers; extra-curricular educational and cultural activities for children; a mixed summer camp for at-risk youngsters. All our programmes promote tolerance and understanding of ‘the other’.

As our donation page is kindly being hosted by the New Israel Fund UK, the donation amount is charged in GBP. You are more than welcome to donate from anywhere in the world, and your donation will be deducted in your local currency.


This donation page is hosted by the New Israel Fund. If you would like to learn more about our work in Israel and the UK, please visit our website here or email us at

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