Maintaining a Strong and Vibrant Civil Society

A strong and vibrant civil society is essential for a healthy democracy. With the unprecedented disruption to everyday life and work that COVID-19 has wrought, Israeli organisations are facing major challenges in maintaining workable budgets and staff so that they can meet the new and urgent needs of those they serve.

Civil society needs new kinds of support in order to survive and thrive during and after this crisis. NIF and Shatil, NIF’s Initiative for Social Change, are working with organisations to help them adapt their work, budgets, and staffing needs to this crisis and to plan for the day after.

We are also mobilising emergency resources for effective crisis response now when the need is at an all-time high. Our role is to do everything that we can to make sure that civil society has what it needs to thrive during – and in the wake of – this emergency.



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Shatil, NIF’s action arm in Israel, is providing vital support to organisations and activists fighting for civil liberties under highly restrictive conditions. Shatil has set up accessible online platforms to service a community of over 160 organisations, including online consultancy sessions, and peer learning groups for leadership during times of crisis.

Shatil has developed an emergency “Crisis Management Centre” to provide critical support for civil society organisations, including a four-part, online training series on financial management in crisis to help organisations figure out what they need and plan appropriately for this moment of crisis.