Our Work in 2020 – An Interactive Guide

The work of the New Israel Fund has always been guided by our shared values – democracy, equality and social justice.

Faced with a global pandemic and ensuing political instability, we have been reminded that at its core our work is about one thing more than any other: connecting our community of supporters here in the UK with the activists, advocates and allies in Israel to meet the challenges of the day, together.

Whether defending democracy and civil liberties in the shadow of the coronavirus, standing up for the most vulnerable, or opposing plans to annex parts of the West Bank, the New Israel Fund will be here to stand strong for our values both for today and the future. That’s the kind of work that you can read and watch about in this interactive review of 2020. Please click on the graphics below to explore further.

Our work in this last year was dominated by the need to respond to the immediate and urgent needs exposed by the pandemic: supporting those most vulnerable and marginalised communities and defending civil rights in a time of crisis. At the same time we continued to invest in our long-term priorities: defending democracy and human rights and strengthening Jewish – Arab Partnership.


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NIF Crisis Action Plan

The pandemic exposed deep vulnerabilities in society – from access to health, to income inequality, to the possibilities of building a more inclusive society. NIF’s Crisis Action Plan launched at the of the crisis has been working to protect the most vulnerable communities, defend civil rights and providing the support that civil society organisations need to come out of this crisis


Strengthening Civil Society

2020 saw expanded demand for the services of Shatil, NIF’s action arm, reflecting not only the overwhelming challenges facing social change groups, but also Shatil’s ability to remain on the cutting-edge of organisational adaptivity.


Defending Civil Liberties And Democracy During Covid-19

Amidst this public health crisis, NIF grantees are defending Israel’s democratic institutions and fighting to protect core civil liberties.



We made sure that access to healthcare and urgent government information was and continues to be available to all.


Women’s Rights

We stood up for women – Jewish and Arab – who faced violence; funding hotlines and ensuring shelters stayed open.


Basic Needs

We ensured low income groups such as single parent families in the ultra-orthodox community and asylum seekers received additional support.



We halted home demolitions of unrecognised Bedouin villages.



We fought for access to education for all, so that every child can learn remotely


Strengthening Jewish-Arab Partnership

The Covid-19 crisis has unearthed a public desire for Jewish-Arab reconciliation expressed through an outpouring of support for frontline workers, many of whom are Arab. NIF is building on this shift in public sentiment to drive forward our long terms goals: prioritising shared public spaces, combating acts of racism and building the foundations for Jewish-Arab joint leadership.


Defending Democracy And Human Rights

NIF and our grantees mission is to ensure that, Israel’s democratic institutions remain strong and civil liberties are protected.