The power of leaving a gift in your will:

For Julian, the answer was ensuring that Israel prospers as an inclusive and cohesive society.

His legacy gift supported a ground-breaking initiative in Jerusalem that lowers the walls between communities; Jewish and Arab, religious and secular, Ethiopian, Russian-Speaking, Ashkenazim and Mizrachim by training leaders committed to a prosperous and shared Jerusalem. Participants come from all walks of life, from business people to school heads to artists.

They receive training and support to enable their ideas of how to bring people together. The results have been inspiring. A Jewish and Arab youth summer camp for Jerusalem kids has been created, a network of restaurant and café owners has been formed to advertise their openness to all residents, and an initiative to run educational tours of Jerusalem which uses personal stories to help residents visit neighbourhoods they would otherwise not step into was launched.

For Dr’s Selina and Andrew:






“Making donations to organisations is about making a difference. And NIF certainly achieves that. The impact is naturally so much greater when we join forces together. We are in this for the long haul. We have therefore decided to see through a much longer commitment. We want the NIF’s values of tolerance, true equality for everyone, democracy, and compassion to endure for our children and grandchildren.”


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