Shared Society

Part of NIF’s mission is to create a safe space for dialogue and engagement between all sections of Israeli society: religious and secular, Orthodox and Reform, Ashkenazi and Mizrachi, Jews and Arabs. We value all those that make up Israeli society and work to empower them to control their own lives, while peacefully co-existing with their neighbours.


Strengthening Palestinian Israeli Social Change Organisations

Israel’s “government of change” presents a unique opportunity for Palestinian-Israeli social change organisations to advance progressive policies related to health, land, education, personal security, and much more. But, as Shatil’s own research reveals, few of these organisations receive government support for their work or have working relations with government ministries. The Inter Agency Task Force on Arab-Israeli Issues reported in 2019 that less than 2% of Palestinian-Israeli NGOs (a mere 22 organisations, compared to more than 800 Jewish-Israeli organisations) had contracts with government offices.

December 2021


Combatting Discriminatory Profiling of Ethiopian Israelis

The High Court of Justice has accepted a petition by three NIF grantees, Tebeka – Advocacy for Equality & Justice for Ethiopian Israelis, Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), and the Association of Ethiopian Jews, which prohibits the police from arbitrarily demanding ID from Ethiopian-Israelis.

August 2021


Promoting Shared Society

Over the past month huge billboards were unveiled on the Ayalon Highway that runs alongside Tel Aviv. They bore the slogan “Starting today, Jews and Arabs are Partners in Destiny, Partners in Government [signed,] Have You Seen the Horizon Lately.”

July 2021


Bridge the Divide – An Update

In the wake of the intercommunal violence across Israel in May, we share an update on the work of the "Bridge the Divide" campaign and NIF's million-shekel "Voices of Hope" fund.

July 2021